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Suomi 100, Finland 100 years!

On 6.12. in Finland we celebrate independence day. This year it is extra special and we had many 100 years celebrations, exhibitions, and activities. There is also a Suomi 100 quilt exhibition on facebook.
I absolutely love the idea to make a special blue-white quilt to celebrate our independency and the thought has been in my mind... well... since january. Quite to my shock the months of september and october flew by on my calender. And no Finland-quilt was yet under my maschine.
And with all my other obligations and other half-finished quilts it became also clear, that I am not up to a full sized quilt, because I wanted it to be ready for 6.12. Therefore I decided a pillow case will do, we don't have many of those anyway, and I can surely do a pillow case in one month!

Blue and white fabrics
After browsing possible patterns online and in my stack of magazine. I decided, I wanted something not only blue and quilt, but something modern and which actually comemorates this year and all that it was. Then I remembered having seen online QR-code-quilt with a wedding day and the brides' and grooms' name. A quick google search revealed an easy to use QR generator. I tested several phrases, taking into account the small size of a pillow case.

From there I calculated the size I need for each square, and decided for 1 inch squares including seam allowances, that means 1/2 inch finished size.

Cutting one inch strips
I also decided to sew each square, even though there might be several same coloured ones in a row, to keep the feel and the pattern of the pillowcase even. That means, at first I took a very close look at the pattern to analyse the repeating units. Then I sew several strip units in white-blue, white-white, blue-blue, white-blue-white-blue, blue-blue-blue, etc.

Sewing strip sets
Several strips sewn and pressed

I imagined the pattern into nine units guided by the three big framed blue squares in the corners. From there, I assembled the top line by line.

The top is ready
At last, I framed with a white and a blue thin stripe and a bigger white strip to make up to the 50 cm pillow. Because there are so many seams, I added batting and quilted front and back side of the pillow case, it also gives nice stability.

I am quite happe how it turned out and it the pillow is currently decorating our sofa in the living room.

If you haven'f figured it out yet, the code says "Suomi 100", so this really IS my Suomi 100 quilt.

Have you done any crafts for this special year?

The final pillow case

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